Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halfway There!

Six month sessions are tricky - baby isn't always sitting which can cause posing to get boring FAST. I usually recommend that parents of six-month olds choose a theme or do a session to tie in a holiday that's around that six-month mark. It takes work for mom and dad, to be honest, and I feel bad, but it really is a great way to incorporate the family's interests and personality. See, that six-month mark is a BIG deal - and it should be documented, but those oh-so important milestones that we, as parents, put pressure on ourselves for our children to hit by that half-birthday aren't always visible. We know that our kids have made leaps and bounds since birth, and that they will be a completely different child by the time their first birthday comes around. Six-month sessions shouldn't be skipped, they are a great opportunity to celebrate something ALONG WITH all the developmental growth, toothless smiles, and still-chubby legs we get to enjoy at that awesome age.

Such is the case with this AMAZING six-month session. Mom and Dad, and subsequently baby, are HUGE Boston fans. Remembering this from Mom's maternity and baby's newborn session, I asked them to bring a selection of Red Sox apparel, whether it fit or not. They thought I was crazy, at first, asking them to haul out all of these clothes and then telling them to strip her down! But the result was AWESOME, if I do say so myself!

At the end of the day, there is no milestone that isn't significant enough to capture with photos. Click HERE to schedule your milestone session!